Oilfield and Industrial Pipe in De Leon, TX

Texas is well-known for its industry and natural resource mining—specifically oil. When companies require reconditioned industrial piping or oilfield pipe in Texas, C-S Pipe & Steel is the company they call. We’re ready to respond to your need for piping, with blue band options that can be cut and sized to meet the unique needs of your application.

Why use Reconditioned Pipe?

In previous applications with very little duress, steel piping can be removed and reconstituted in a secondary application seamlessly. This saves the cost of having to purchase brand-new pipe and have it cut and sized for a new application. Instead, C-S Pipe & Steel is able to achieve the same results at a fraction of the price thanks to secondary piping.

As the leading structural pipe supplier in Texas, we also guarantee quality when it comes to our secondary piping. Used steel pipe is always tested for durability and pressure resistance before being reused in a new application, and we specifically cultivate a stock of reconditioned piping that’s fit for oilfield and industrial applications.

Oilfield and Industrial Applications

There are clear and present applications for secondary piping across oilfield and industrial jobsites throughout Texas. Some of the most common include:

  • Surface casing: Surface casing is when pipe is set at shallow depths near the surface of oil fields, to protect water sands from contamination or leakage of drilling fluids during a drilling project.
  • Slurry transport: As slurry is transported away from a drilling or mining venture, it’s done so through pressurized piping. Reconditioned piping is a primary solution for low-cost re-use.

Explore Secondary Piping Today

If your natural resource or industrial venture requires piping, consult with the professionals at C-S Pipe & Steel today. We’ll help you explore our inventory of blue band piping and customize solutions to fit your specific needs. Contact us today by calling 254-842-4102.

We’re proud to serve all of De Leon, TX, as well as Comanche County, TX and all of the local-area cities and towns, including Brownwood, Albany and Stephenville, TX. We can also deliver secondary piping supplies throughout the entire State of Texas.