Structural and Fencing Pipe in De Leon, TX

As the leading structural pipe supplier in Texas, C-S Pipe & Steel is here to provide you with a full range of reconditioned piping. Our used pipe is available in a variety of grades, sizes and diameters, and we can cut our pipe to any length prior to delivery for easier installation. We primarily supply blue band pipe for a wide range of structural applications.

Structural Applications

Used steel pipe is an ideal material for structural support, chiefly because it’s steel in a strong tubular form. Used steel piping can be used as structural support for virtually any situation where you would typically use circular steel or steel in a tubular shape. Reconditioned structural pipe can be used for a variety of applications, including:

In addition to conventional structural support, secondary piping can also be used in a wide variety of infrastructure-based projects. Some common examples include:

  • Steel pipe piling: Piling is the foundation on which structures lay. Steel piping can be easily piled into the ground, a river bed, the ocean, a bay, or a canal floor, to provide a stable foundation, give strength and prevent erosion.
  • Utilities: In some cases, reconditioned steel pipe can be used in lesser utility-based applications, such as low-pressured transportation for gas, oil or water.
  • Road bore casing: Used steel pipe is used under roadways to form a casing that will hold a smaller piece or pieces of pipe, which are part of a larger pipeline.

Fencing Pipe

Fencing is one of the most common, most practical applications for reconditioned pipe because it provides the necessary structure to build reliable, stable, secure fencing. We provide a full assortment of fencing pipe in Texas, to ensure your fencing project is able to be achieved properly and with limited costs.

Get Structural Piping

If you need structural or fence piping, trust C-S Pipe & Steel. As the leading structural pipe supplier in Texas, we’ll make sure you get the reconditioned products you need, at the right price. Contact us today at 254-842-4102.

We’re proud to serve all of De Leon, TX, as well as Comanche County, TX and all of the local-area cities and towns, including Brownwood, Albany and Stephenville, TX. We can also deliver secondary piping supplies throughout the entire State of Texas.